Volume 33.3 - September 1999


Glory and Joy Crown the King! (Lyon)

A Birthday Song (song; Odell, Lyon)

God Save the King (song; Stansbury, Lyon)

When Good Queen Elizabeth Governed the Realm (song; Stansbury)

The Lords of the Main (song; Stansbury)

Other Airs for Odell/Stansbury Songs

Sweet Meat Has Sour Sauce (Cowper, Lyon)

Belated Greetings to Pete Seeger (Luft)

Barry Luft's Pete Seeger Song Contest

L'île aux Loups (chanson; traditional/Bouthillier)

Lost Soul

Transatlantic Troubadours (Gregory)

The EthnoFolk Letters 14 (Cohen)

Our Back Pages (Leeder)

News, Views, & Stuff


A Peak in Darien (Leeder)

Comptes rendus/Reviews

Canadian Folk Festival Directory (Leeder)