Volume 33.1 - March 1999


A Tribute to Graham Townsend (Yetman)

"The fiddlers will play on three strings for quite a while" (Hogan)

An Old Country Waltz (song; Ierfino)

Vincent Ierfino - Ave atque vale (Triggs)

The Apple Picking Man (song; Ierfino)

Edith Fowke's Files (Thomas)

Annual General Meeting, Minutes & Reports

Abstracts from the 1998 Conference

Cumulative Table of Contents (Leeder)

Our Back Pages (Leeder)

1998 Membership Survey

News, Views, & Stuff


A Peak in Darien (Leeder)

Comptes rendus/Reviews

Canadian Folk Festival Directory (Leeder)

Conseil d'administration/Board of Directors