Volume 30.3 - September 1996


The Raging Grannies (Acker)

A Gaggle of Granny Songs

See My Gold Again (song; B.Luft)

Latin American Protest Music - What Happened to "The New Songs"? (M. Luft)

Man's Job (song; McGann)

La musique contestataire Latino-américaine (M. Luft, tr. par Marsolais)

Reflections on the New Song Movement (Hawkins)

The Bird & El Pájaro (poem; Lane, tr. Sagaris)

Without Hands (poem; Crozier)

William Brown (song; traditional)

Peter Crowley (song; traditional)

Looking for Gabriela (poem; Geddes)

Graham Jones (1946-1996) - Ave atque vale (Marland)

Lost Soul

The Centerfold

Canadian Folk Festival Directory (Leeder)

News, Views, & Stuff


A Peak in Darien