Volume 30.1 - March 1996


"Bring some more music!": A Farewell to Chuck Irwin (Rossander)

"Stanley G. Triggs, Accompanying himself...." (Lyon)

Both "Stanley G. Triggs": A Recollection (Thomas)

"The Wreck of the Green Cove" (song; Triggs)

A Chat With Wade Hemsworth

My Mother Is the Ocean Sea (song; Hemsworth)

Montréal (song; Hemsworth)

Two Métis Songs (Whidden)

Canada's Mr. Polka (Sveen)

Come Sit With Me (song; Robbins)

Kenneth S. Goldstein (1927-1995)-Ave atque vale (Fowke)

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The Centerfold

Canadian Folk Festival Directory

News, Views, & Stuff


Publication Noted (a new feature in need of a snappy title)