Volume 29.2 - June 1995


Flora and I (Song;Fraser, Seeger, Fowke, Anon)

How to Hold a House Concert (Michener)

House Concerts - The Beginning of Raga-Mala

Bossinware Party Tips (Bossin, Perrault, Stewart)

"What's in the Life of a Man?": Recording with Barry Luft (Scholtz)

What's in the life of a Man? (Anon)

Confessions of Hell's Elf (Leeder)

Living the Music (Pollock)

"...gets the blood circulating and keeps the legs in condition..." (Photoessay; Lyon)

The Rum Runners Song (Song; Fleetwood, Halkyard)

Powell River BC: The Enjoyment Band Plays On (Rossander)

Copyrights and Traditional Music: A Canadian Perspective (Cranford)

Canadian Folk Festival Directory

News, Views, & Stuff

Lost Souls